Leaf Pac is a mobile  log splitter and compactor that can be used to convert biomass and yard waste into fuel. The Leaf Pac also functions as a log splitter and can be converted within 5 minutes. Yard waste and biomass is compacted into a 6x10 inch cylinder. Kraft paper or newspaper, a box cutter, a tape measure & masking tape are used to wrap the log and keep in intact, where it can be stored or burned in a fireplace. The logs last about 2-3 hours.

Leaf Pac can also be used for compacting aluminum cans. 400 cans will compact into a 6x12 inch cylinder, which will need to be secured with masking tape. You may also compact smaller amounts of cans. 35 cans will compact into approximately the same amount of space used by a single can.
 For more information you can visit us at www.leafpac.com

Cost: 3,762.50

To order, call 843-797-3992.

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